Itis theg aps bet we ent hew ordst hata reim port ant.





If you always do

What you’ve always done,

You will always get

What you’ve always got.





Sorry is a word used the most by those who think the least.

(But it is not said at all by those who never think)





The definition of a wise-man is a genius who doubts themselves.

At least I think it is…I could be wrong.





Think of a grain of sand on a beach and you will see a thing a billion times more conspicuous in its universe than you are in yours.  Remove that grain of sand and the beach is unchanged – so you see your place?

But think of how you are to others.  If you have helped, even just once, then to remove you would remove the brief smile and relief you gave to them…a smile that stamped your value on their universe.





May your life contain only enough pain to keep the happiness special.





Principle is a wonderful thing, but only at the right time. 

Misjudgement wastes your energy and it also wastes mine.





One can only teach those who seek to learn;  So how do you teach someone to seek to learn?





I’m an Eeyore, but I’m trying hard to be Pooh Bear. 

Maybe that is why I fail.





You can only talk to those who seek to listen;  So how can you tell someone to seek to listen?





The closer you get, the more resistance there is.





Automatically is no way to live.





Whatever will be, go forward with knowledge that somewhere your kindness was savoured and your love was not wasted, but kept like a treasure, held onto through darkened weather.





If you make someone smile, then your life is worthwhile.





People are on the whole ignorant, mostly stupid, usually rude, more often than not ugly, as a rule loud, by and large bigoted, generally self-centred, mainly thoughtless and regularly too numerous.

Heaven on Earth seems so far away.





A flower lives its life giving.  It gives its scent, its colour and beauty and it proffers sweet food for the living things around it. 

A weed spends its existence taking.  It strangles its neighbours to gain its sustenance.  It over-shadows those around and blocks out their light.  It finds no use for beauty, no care to provide food.

A weed may be proud to be a weed, but it is never invited to grow…and quite rightly so!





Before we are friends, we must be strangers.

Before we are experts, we must be beginners.

Before we know, we must be questioning.





If we were born knowing everything – life would be very boring.





We see the sun wandering across the sky but this interpretation by human intellect is nevertheless incorrect.

What we know is wholly dependent upon our perspective and we hold so tightly to this starting place, for the sake of our own security that we handicap our potential to touch the truth.

Until we stop dwelling upon a self-supported belief in our own importance we will never be able to realise just how specifically special we are.





Individuality causes the changes.

Individuality sets the trends.





Why did you feel the need to lie?

It is your life, your choices, your future.

Why can you not answer honestly, clearly, easily?

Unless there is a part of you that knows that the choice you made was wrong.





Emotions are of the moment, not the future. 





It has taken so long to be certain

Of the things of which I am certain

That I will state them with such clarity and force

That you may think of the words as arrogance;

But the confidence just reflects the journey I had to travel

To be that certain.





My existence may well be random,

But what I do with my existence is not.

(Science and Religion Unite).





If we only followed our emotions, we would be little more that monkeys.

If we only followed reason and logic then we would be little more than robots.

I prefer the balanced approach,

I prefer to be more like...um...a robotic monkey.  Mmm, ending needed more thought.





Until you have tasted everything you cannot judge others by what their soul desires to taste.

Until you have touched everything you cannot comment upon what touches the spirit of others.

Until you have reached perfection your judgement and comments should be centred solely upon yourself.





Try not to judge the tears of another.  You cannot truly know what their eyes have seen.





True happiness….when you enjoy being with someone who enjoys being with you.





The most painful of things is goodbye…I try and avoid it as much as possible.





By your questions, I will know you.












Oh to go where those eyes wander

as they gaze within and far away.

To reveal, to feel the secrets withheld,

to share in where your soft soul plays.






Dont look down

 towards the ground littleone,

Raise your covered heart

 and face the sun.

Let the light

 clear away the smokey stain;

Feel the natural warmth

 melt away the pain.

Dont close your senses

 to the world around you,

Just reach out

 and let the energy surround you.

Find within yourself

the voice that will guide you

And be ready for the soul

 that will truely love you.







The sparkling life from eyes so clear,

For the warmth of a smile sincere.

For the comfort gained

From a friend obtained

For the knowledge of one so dear,

I thank you.






Part of me will be leaving soon,

The part of me that's you.

The part I'm not ashamed of,

The part that's good and true.

You may think that you go alone,

you know that is not true.

Along with you will always be

the part of me that's you.

(by 'Andrea Carson' 1993)






For every tear

that appeared

on your soft sweet face,

For all the pain

 that remained

 in your heart.

Know that I

 also cried

as my memory traced

All the hurt

 that was worked

 from the start.






I saw Lucifer, sitting with St.Peter, peaceful on a cloud, looking down at the scenery below.

He noticed me flying by, but didn't seem surprised and extended a hand and said "hello".

I was surprised and showed it so, then questioned  him as any would do...



And so he began

 to plead his case

saying he was

 just misunderstood.

He wasn't bad,

 quite the reverse,

in fact he considered himself

 rather good.



"The thing was," he said,

"once upon a time,

the human race

 enjoyed to sin.

The guilt that they felt

 once sobriety struck

needed a form

 to be put in.



"Well...there I was

 at a fancy dress party

a nice little number

 with red horns and tail,

I must have got drunk,

well you know how it is

with beers and wines

and suspicious cocktails.

I honestly say

 I cant remember a thing

but friends report

that I went quite wild.

Something to do

 with a prize winning lamb,

A knife, some fire

and an underage child."



"Well, rumours spread

 and rumours ran

and by the next morning

I was the talk of the town.

Things had gotten

 way out of proportion

and when I heard

I had to lie down.


late into the evening

and when I was

very much worse for drink,

I'd gotten up

onto one of the tables

and started to chant,

 of what I cant think."




to cut it short,

everyone else

in their drunken haze

imagined me

 as some kind of idol,

or rather a reason

 to rant and rave

'We arent to blame,

it isnt our fault'

all the young sinners

 began to wail.

'It's all the fault

 of that demonic creature

you know, the one

with the horns and the tail."



"In the beginning

 it wasn't too bad,

I was a must

at all the best parties.

And most of the females,

as soon as they saw me,

knelt down in worship

 in only their panties!

Then they started

 to offer me gifts

like food and wine

 and massive gold earrings.

Contracts for souls

 and the odd virgin

and a number of pitchforks

 with intricate carvings."



"Oh yes, that was it,

those were the days,

a life like a king

and I'd done nothing for it.

I tried to tell everyone

 there'd been a mistake,

but they wouldnt listen,

they just carried on doing it."



"So you see," he concluded,

"Im really quite nice

and I did try my hardest

 to sort out the mess.

I was just lucky

 that God knew the truth,

Im blessed

 with the luck of the Devil,

I guess."



As Lucifer chuckled

at his small feeble joke

and the fluffy white clouds

 went stumbling on,

I thought on the story

 and with a crease in my brow

looked back at Lucifer

 and said: "Something's wrong.

What of the party,

the first one you went to,

what of the child,

 some fire and the knife.

Aren't there some grounds

 for people to fear you?

Didnt you take

a prize lamb's life?"



"That's just it," he said,

"Im totally innocent,

the event that meant

 the whole world was misled."

Then he explained

 and St.Peter confirmed it;

with a hint of regret,

 Lucifer said:

"The underaged child

 was just someone's daughter,

the prize winning lamb

 was already dead.

All we were doing

 was carving up lamb chops

to put on the barby

 to have with some bread."